Hey there.

My name is Sahar, and this is a place to find out more about about me and what I’m proud of.

Here’s the short version:

I want to live in a world we are decent to each other. For me, the best way to accomplish this is to build the power of the international progressive movement. During undergrad, I tried to build a strong activist culture on the Brandeis University campus, and during my summers I dived into the national scene. Concurrent to and after getting my Masters, I built a startup to boost organizing. Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on Wikipedia and focused on helping strong community groups thrive.

Sahar gazes off into the distance, the dead sea behind him.People are often surprised when I tell them that I study Computer Science. In truth, I’ve been tinkering with computers far before I started organizing. Here’s why: Code is like magic.  Have you seen the sorcerer’s apprentice sketch in the original Fantasia? You say the right magic words in the right order, and then amazing things are built in front of your very eyes. Try messing with arcane commands beyond your control, and suddenly mindless brooms are throwing buckets of water on your CPU.

The world is being built on a foundation of information technology, and those who understand it are the closest thing there is to ninjas.


Over the last four years, my goal has been to be the strongest, most skilled leader and organizer I can be. Now, my new goal is to beef up my tech skills. I’m blessed with the opportunity to work with the Wikimedia foundation’s fundraising team. My job is to use math and programming to help them raise the millions of dollars to keep the Wiki projects running. I plan to keep doing that, and in the process understand and explain the hidden statistics and assumptions behind AB testing. 


  1. Build power for the Good Guys ™.
  2. Be part of a rich community.
  3. Live the life of the mind.